• Transportation&Logistics
                  Solutions for long haul trucking, field service management, rail and construction logistics.


                  Helping organizations incorporate spatial information into their operations for increased productivity, greater safety and value.
                  Construction & Operation
                  Boost productivity with innovative technology for planning, design, construction and operation, from the office to the jobsite.
                  Give your staff greater freedom to carry out warehouse labelling and order picking requirements with handheld warehouse scanners.


                  Rugged Smartphone with 4G Band


                  Rugged PDA with Multi-function


                  4G LTE Rugged Tablet


                  Mobile Computer with Fingerprint Sensor

                  About Bright Alliance

                  Weuses our expertise to create and provide Rugged (IP67/68) Mobile Appliances based on Wireless and Contactless technologies, Biometric strong authentication, and Secure Hardware Architecture.

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                  Wecan provide OPEN BOM/PCBA/SKD/Finished Production ODM/Service Support solutions.

                  Our Solutions


                  We are a Rugged Handheld Computers manufacturer, and our customers are Integrator and Solution Providers, We control the full chain, from mechanical design to PCB, or even antennas, and we are able to work on various project sizes, from pilots to high volumes.

                  Looking for a quality and affordable rugged hardware for your project?

                  Bright Alliance – We keep moving!

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